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Software Solutions

Inflighto gives airline and charter passengers the best inflight moving-map experience.

With seat-back entertainment screens fast becoming obsolete, Inflighto offers airlines a new mobile-device-based moving-map solution that improves passenger experience and doesn't require expensive integration with aircraft systems. 

Whether you want to integrate Inflighto's SDK into your existing mobile app or white-label our technology using your own airline brand, Inflighto has a range of customisable digital solutions to suit your requirements.

Inflighto's sophisticated and highly-detailed moving-map is giving airlines a new way to engage and inspire airline passengers. Plus, its autonomous, cloud-based technology contextually promotes ancillary products and services in-flight.

Using a unique flight tracking algorithm that synthesises multiple flight-tracking data sources, flight scheduling information and real-time data feeds, Inflighto is leading the airline industry  in innovative infotainment technology.

License Inflighto's technology to engage and delight your passengers, increase ancillary revenues and save your airline money.


Inflighto is the cost-effective moving-map solution for airlines. It removes the need for seat-back screen installation and reduces maintenance, weight and fuel costs. Inflighto improves passenger experience and promotes the sale of ancillary products and services. Customized white-label and integrated technology solutions are available.


Integrate your booking platform with our IFE technology and target high-value airline passengers with timely, relevant,  contextual messages, product offers and alerts. Connect with hard-to-reach business and leisure travellers. Promote travel insurance and ancillary products to airline passengers in-flight.


Integrate your transport booking platform with Inflighto and target airline passengers with relevant, timely messages and special offers before they touch-down at the airport. Promote hire car, car-share, train and bus transportation services with Inflighto.


Integrate your online duty free store with our IFE platform and send airline passengers promotions and discount offers for your on-site, or online, duty-free stores with targeted promotional messaging while they're in the air and in a travel frame-of-mind.


"The app connects to in-flight WiFi systems onboard and receives live updates, making it the only in-flight moving map app that provides realtime, live information" - INFLIGHT MAGAZINE
"The airplane app that's revolutionizing inflight entertainment."  
"A timely app when airlines are installing Wi-Fi while eschewing seat-back screens." 
 "The app provides a cost-effective moving-map solution for airlines that is fully         autonomous and doesn’t require integration with aircraft systems."
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