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  • Inflighto Staff Writer

The First Flight Tracker With Marine Tracking!

Or is it the first marine tracker with flight tracking...? You be the judge!

Either way, Inflighto's unique technology let's airline passengers see and identify all the marine vessels they fly over.

Ever been flying over the Thames River in London, on approach to Heathrow Airport and wondered what the boats were below you?

Ever been on approach to Changi Airport, flying over Singapore Harbour and wondered what the names of the yachts you were flying over were?

Inflighto answers all these questions and plenty more with its unique connected technology. And it's the only inflight entertainment moving-map that does this.

Utilising ADSB aircraft transponder technology and AIS marine beacon technology, Inflighto cleverly pinpoints your aircraft's location and the location of the marine vessels you fly over - live in real-time!

We told you it was unique!


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