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Who stole my seat-back screen?!

Updated: Apr 20

The trend in seat-back screen removal by major airlines is undeniable. In an affort to reduce costs and save weight, airlines are moving quickly to a "bring your own device" model of inflight entertainment.

Nothing demonstrates this better than our recent expereince on a trip to the USA. We flew business class with American Airlines and Qantas Airlines. Both airlines have removed seat back screens on their domestic routes.

American Airlines have removed seat back screens from their domwestic aircraft fleet
American Airlines have removed seat-back screens from their domestic aircraft fleet

Passengers are expected to bring their own mobiles and tablets, and attach them to the seatback in front of them. But with the inflight moving map being the second-most-viewed content on inflight entertainment systems, where are passengers getting their inflight information? Not Netfilx, that's for sure!

QANTAS airlines busines class seatback. No screens!
QANTAS Airlines' domestic business class seat-back.

Only the Inflighto app solves this problem for airline passengers! It's the only internet-connected inflighto moving map available.

Talk to Team Inflighto today about how you can get the Inflighto app. Just email [email protected].


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