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"Great app for travel. Especially with kids! You can see where you are in the air and exactly what's below you on the ground." - Marbella.

"Being able to identify key landmarks such as beaches/ national parks / waterways/ vineyards brings a new dimension to air travel. Can't get enough of it!" - Percussion.

"Inflighto gives us more information than the airlines' inflight maps about what we're flying over. Great maps and articles. Highly recommended!"  - Baby Boomer

"Great app that follows my own flight with great info about the world below!!!"  - Salflyer123 

"Excellent flight tracker, great to use on a flight via Wifi, love the new weather overlay - know  if there's a storm up ahead!" - shaun.o

"This is a great app to use with plane wifi. I'm a frequent flyer for business and I'm always on the lookout for anything that breaks up the monotony. Being able to follow my journey and learn about what I'm flying over has been fascinating... Great app." GJ Paterson.

"I'm one of those people who likes to know exactly what's happening and where the plane is. This app has incredible detail and is so much better than the airlines' clunky version. Get it!  Razza 1414

"Unique Find. Comprehensive and fascinating" 

"I love this app! So do my kids. So much info. Made our flight so much more interesting. The hours flew by! Highly recommend. 

"Too good, finally can see exactly what we're flying over."

"I'm a pilot and avgeek. This app has a better interface than other flight tracking apps I have. My passengers use it and love it. Awesome in-flight entertainment! But worth upgrading to get the weather function to make the most of it."


If you're enjoying the Inflighto app you can review it on the App Store and Google Play!

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