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The Inflighto app is designed for use on aircraft with high-speed, internet-connected, inflight WiFi systems.

Flight-tracking begins after take-off.


Inflighto must have a connection to the internet at all times to function correctly.



  • Download the Inflighto app to your mobile device before boarding to ensure it's installed correctly. Some airlines do not allow app store access on their inflight Wi-Fi systems. 

  • Make sure you always download the latest version of Inflighto. Inflighto regularly releases updated versions to the App Store and Google Play.

  • Not all inflight Wi-Fi systems are created equal! Some older systems are slow and often unreliable. This will affect the performance of all apps - not just Inflighto.

  • Systems with less than 1MB connection speed, may cause problems.

Flight Mode/Aeroplane Mode:

Ensure you have 'Wi-Fi' enabled on your mobile device after switching to 'Flight Mode'. You may have to manually re-activate 'Wi-Fi' on some mobile devices to ensure you have an active internet connection. Ask your flight attendant for assistance if required.

Flight Number Search:

There are three ways to search for your flight:

1. Enter your FLIGHT NUMBER using the full alpha-numeric code (eg QF1 or AA123)

2. Search by ROUTE point of departure and destination (SYDNEY - LONDON)

3. BROWSE all airline flights that are currently airborne.

NOTE: Flight tracking will begin after take-off when your flight is airborne.


Search by Flight Number:

You can enter the flight number found on your boarding pass or e-ticket. For example: QF1 or UA123. Ask your flight attendant for help if you have forgotten your flight number.

You can enter IATA or ICAO flight number codes. Inflighto recognises both codes (eg QF123 or QFA123). Inflighto also recognises code-share fights and multi-leg services.

Search by Aircraft Registration Number (Tail Number).

You can search for your aircraft's registration number instead of a flight number. For example: VH-VDR or N661EA. You can track General Aviation flights this way. Ask your pilot for assistance.

Search by Airline, Departure and Destination:

Enter the name of the airport you're departing from and the airport you're arriving at (eg. Sydney Kingsford Smith INT and London Heathrow INT).

Select your flight number from the search results by tapping the 'CONFIRM' button.


NOTE: Inflighto tracks all global commercial airline flights. If your flight isn't listed in the search results, wait until your flight is airborne and search again.

Flight tracking begins just after take-off. The 'moving-map' is not available until the aircraft is airborne. If your map screen doesn't appear automatically after take-off, try 'RESETTING' your flight by 'CANCELLING' and re-entering your flight number.


You can reset your flight at any time by accessing the 'Settings' menu at the top left hand side of the Inflighto app screen. Simply select 'Reset' to re-enter your flight details, flight number or aircraft registration.

Share Your Flight:

You can easily share your flight's status, position and location with family and friends so they can track your flight. Simply click on the 'share' buttons on each screen of the Inflighto app.You can select social media platforms, messaging or email. Or choose all three. Remember to use #Inflighto!

Upgrades & Subscriptions:

Upgrade from the free version of Inflighto to our premium tiers for unlimited tracking and the best inflight experience. You can easily upgrade to:

1. Premium Economy - access unlimited flight tracking (with no time-out), Live Flight Data and no advertising.

2. Business Class - get exclusive features like Live Weather Radar, Live Marine Tracking, In-flight Chat, unlimited flight tracking (no time-out) - without the advertising. See the clouds before you fly through them and the weather at your destination.  Are there blue skies or turbulence ahead? See and identify the boats and marine traffic you fly over and instantly access vessel information.

Free 7-Day Upgrade Trial

Inflighto offers a free 7-Day trial of both the Premium Economy and Business Class Upgrades. You will not be charged for trialling Inflighto's exclusive, premium features. If you don't love Inflighto, make sure to cancel your trial subscription before the end of the 7-Day trial to avoid being charged.

Upgrades and Downgrades:

You can upgrade or downgrade from one subscription tier to another at any time. Don't worry, you will never pay twice for the same benefits. Your previous subscription will simply be converted to the new one.

Restore a Subscription:

You can restore or refresh an existing Inflighto Upgrade subscription to a new device at any time. Simply download Inflighto to your new device and hit the RESTORE button in the SETTINGS MENU. The App Store and Google Play will take care of the rest.

Lost Subscription - or Subscription not Recognised:

If your app does not recognise a subscription you have paid for simply tap the 'RESTORE' button in the settings menu. If that fails, uninstall and reinstall the Inflighto app. You may be using an old version of the app. After installing the new versions, tap the RESTORE button again. Contact [email protected] if you have any further problems.

Multiple Devices:

You can use your Inflighto upgrade subscription across multiple devices. Your subscription is not limited to one device. However, you must be logged in with the same App Store or Google Play account and username on all your devices. The same subscription will NOT work across BOTH Apple and Android devices.

Cancel a Subscription:

You can cancel an Inflighto Upgrade subscription at any time in the App Store or Google Play store. Simply log-in to the App Store or Google Play using your account credentials and follow the prompts. Inflighto does not manage subscription cancellations. These are managed by Apple and Google.

Tracking Time-Out:

The Inflighto app is free to use. However, flight-tracking is limited on the free version.To enjoy unlimited flight-tracking, upgrade to 'Premium Economy' or 'Business Class' when prompted. This removes the tracking limit for the duration of your subscription.

Information and Articles:

Points of Interest Information can be accessed by clicking on the YELLOW map pins on the moving map screen. This will allow you to access a preview of the content. Click on the preview to access the entire article.


Marine Tracking Information can be accessed by clicking on the BLUE map pins on the moving map screen. This will allow you to access a preview of the content. Click on the preview to access the entire article. Get detailed information about each vessel in an instant - including name, speed, ship-type and destination.  Note: This feature is only available with a Business Class upgrade.


Natural Events Information can be accessed by clicking on the RED map pins on the moving map screen. This will allow you to access a preview of the content. Click on the preview to access the entire article and/or event.

Hotels and Tourism Destinations can be accessed by clicking on the DARK BLUE map pins. This will preview the Hotel content. Click the preview tab to access more information and even book directly!


Live Weather Radar and Satellite Images are available to users with a 'Business Class' upgrade. Access live weather radar and satellite images overlaid on the 'Moving Map' screen by tapping the 'cloud' icon on the right hand side of the map screen. It may take a moment to load the images on slower internet connections so only tap once. 

In-flight Chat: 

You can start a conversation with fellow passengers, flight crew on your flight or people following your flight on the ground with Inflighto's In-Flight Chat feature. Message fellow travellers in a chat-room dedicated to your flight. Start a conversation about flight path highlights, the weather or the joys of modern flight! Chat with friends and family who are tracking your flight on the ground! 

Note: Inflight Chat is available with a Business Class Upgrade. It's recommended for people over 18+ years of age. Profanity, offensive and abusive language is forbidden. Users will be blocked from the service for breaching these guidelines.

Sharing Your Flight:

You can easily share your arrival time, flight number and airport gate number. 'Share' your current aircraft position on the map. Just click on the 'sharing' links and icons in the Inflighto Map Screen or Flight Data screen to share your details.

You can choose to share via social media applications like Twitter, Instagram, Weibo and Facebook or by messaging and email.  

Your family and friends can follow your flight and keep up-to-date with your arrival time. Inflighto is the most social way to fly! Remember to use #Inflighto!

Social Media:

You can use a variety of social media applications to share you arrival time, flight number and aircraft position so your family and friends can track your flight and know what time you will arrive at your destination. You can even send your arrival airport and gate number!

Your family and friends will need to install the Inflighto app and input your flight number - so don't forget to include your flight number in your message! Remember to use #Inflighto!

Flight Data:

Accurate flight data is available during your flight by clicking on the 'Data' button at the top of the 'Moving-Map' screen. You will need a Premium Economy Upgrade to access this feature. You can access; altitude, ground speed, heading, vertical speed and estimated time of arrival at your destination on the Flight Data screen. Go on, release your 'inner pilot'!


The free version of the Inflighto app has limited flight-tracking.  You can use the 'free' version of the Inflighto app for a limited number of sessions.We invite you to upgrade to a subscription for unlimited flight tracking and to access premium features.

Inflighto upgrades are available in the App Store and Google Play or through 'In-app Purchases' by following the prompts in your mobile device.

Map View Options:

You can change the map view from 'Street View' to 'Satellite View' using the navigation feature on the right-hand-side of the Map Screen.

Live satellite and radar weather images are also activated as a 'map overlay' using this navigation feature for users with the 'Business Class' upgrade.

Compass and Map Orientation:

You can select either "North Up" or "Heading Up" by tapping the compass icon on the top left hand  corner of the map screen. Toggle between each view to orientate the map to your desired view. Tip: "Heading Up" is what pilots use and what Inflighto recommends!

Re-centering Your Aircraft Position:

You can "pinch zoom" or "pan" the interactive map using your fingers while tracking your flight. Should you lose the position of your aircraft on the screen, simply press the 're-centre' button half-way down the right hand side of the Map Screen to return to the aircraft to the home position.

Points of Interest, Maritime Tracking and Features & Events Information:

The content featured in the Inflighto app is made available by Wikipedia under the Creative Commons license and a number of other third-party content providers. Inflighto takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any third-party information provided in the Inflighto app. See Terms and Conditions and End User Licence Agreements for more information.


Inflighto displays advertising in the Free version of the app only. You can easily turn off the advertising by upgrading to Premium Economy or Business class.


The Inflighto app is available in English and a Simplified Chinese version. To access Inflighto in Simplified Chinese, simply change the Language setting in your mobile device to 'Simplified Chinese' and Inflighto will automatically change to the Simplified Chinese text version.

Tablets - iPad & Android

Inflighto is optimised for use on both smartphones and tablet devices. It works on both Android and iOS mobile devices.


Please use the following links to access the fine print...

Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and End User Licence Agreement.

Contact Inflighto:

For help and assistance, or to provide feedback on the Inflighto app, please use the contact form below. We love feedback and respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible.

Subscription Cancellation

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