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Why Inflighto is on Track to be the Ubiquitous Inflight Entertainment Moving-Map App

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

It's a common occurrence. A malfunctioning seat-back screen.
It's an all too common occurrence... A malfunctioning seat-back screen.

We've all been there. You've checked-in at the airline counter. You've boarded the aircraft. You've found your seat, stowed your luggage and sat down. The cabin doors are armed and cross-checked. The aircraft pushes-back. The cabin crew turn on the inflight entertainment system and your screen doesn't wake up. The guy in the seat next to you is already minutes-deep in a sitcom but all you've got is a black screen. You summon the cabin-crew and although they're apologetic, they can't resurrect your lifeless seat-back screen. Apparently it's been "playing up" all day. This is little comfort as you confront the prospect of a long flight with no entertainment.

It's a truth universally acknowledged that legacy seat-back inflight entertainment systems are bad for both passengers and airlines. They cost airlines over $10,000 a seat to install, maintenance is costly and the added weight of the equipment adds to aircraft fuel-burn and thousands of dollars to airline operating costs. It's no wonder airlines are ditching seat-back systems in preference for a 'bring your own device model' of inflight entertainment, supported by internet-connected in-flight Wi-Fi systems. It costs less to install, less to maintain, the tech is lighter and most importantly, passengers get a much better experience. They can access all the content they like via apps like Netflix and Spotify on their own mobile devices.

Everyone's happy.

Well not quite.

Legacy airline inflight moving-maps on most airlines lack detail and aren't interactive
Inflight moving-maps on most airlines lack detail and aren't interactive - frustrating passengers

You see the second-most accessed content on airline inflight entertainment systems (after movies) is the 'moving-map'. Passengers love to know exactly where they are and what they are flying over. They want to know how much longer their flight will take and what time they will arrive. But with the removal of seat-back entertainment systems, passengers are now unable to access a moving-map. Smartphone GPS systems don't work inflight which renders Google Maps useless. So what option is left for curious passengers?

The answer is Inflighto.

Created by pilots for passengers, Inflighto is the most detailed and accurate moving-map app available. Designed for smartphones and tablets, its sophisticated technology and features give passengers more information about where they are and what they're flying over than ever before. Inflighto is infinitely better than any airline moving-map available.

Let's face it, passengers are bored, they're curious and they're seriously addicted to their mobile devices. They are looking for an excuse to use them inflight and to engage more with their flying experience. Where in the past passengers were disenfranchised through a lack of information, Inflighto is now empowering passengers with more relevant, real-time information about their flight than they've ever had before. It's flying reinvented.

Inflighto is the universal flying app. It works on all internet Wi-Fi equipped aircraft globally and tracks over 200,000 flights per day. Once download, it works seamlessly on all flights. It's available for smartphones and tablets, in iOS and Android. There's even a Simplified Chinese version. And the good news is that globally, airline passengers have a better than fifty percent chance of flying on an aircraft equipped with inflight Wi-Fi.

Inflighto lets passengers discover more about the world they're flying over and helps them rediscover a love of flying. It gives passengers a great flying experience and has quickly become the number-one inflight moving-map app globally. Airlines love Inflighto because it saves them money while giving their passengers a better flying experience.

Inflighto is the #1 Inflight Moving-Map App
Inflighto is the #1 Inflight Moving-Map App

As CNN says, "Inflighto is the airplane app that's revolutionizing inflight entertainment".

So before your next flight, make sure you download the Inflighto app. After all, the best show is out the window - not on a seat-back screen in front of you!

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